Effective, up to date help with depression, anxiety, anger problems, trauma, o.c.d, phobias, panic attacks.

Therapeutic, Deep Tissue and Indian Head Massage

Do you often you feel anxious and unhappy, unable to focus, sleep well or manage your emotions? Do you ever experience panic attacks or find your are simply not coping well with life.

Whatever is causing this Human Givens therapy can help. Evidence has proved it is the most effective treatment available for lifting depression over and above C.B.T. (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). In fact any symptom of emotional imbalance will respond to this highly practical, common sense and holistic approach to well being .
The name Human Givens derives from universal truths or ‘givens’ about what it means to be a human being. For example it is a given that just as we need physical nourishment to thrive we also need emotional nourishment from our environment. When these needs are met in balance we don’t suffer from mental illness. These include a need for attention, for emotional connection, a need for recognition of our worth, a sense of meaning and purpose, a sense of being stretched or challenged, of feeling safe, of having sufficient privacy and of being able to make our own decisions.
A therapy session will look at what is blocking your needs being met and help you change this by trying a variety of methods strategies and tasks which have been proven over the past century of psychological research to work. Human Givens methodology draws on many sources including the the Sufi philosophy of Idries Shah, new neurological insights into how the brain works, including  a ground- breaking discovery of why we dream, ( Why We Dream The definitive answer) story telling, ancient mystical wisdom and the use of guided imagery.
A highly effective method developed by the Human Givens Institute to treat trauma is currently used to treat veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. See ptsdresolution.org
A session  will teach you how how to relax deeply, be able to assess your life calmly and  how to move forward.
Each session is as individual as you are and  draws on your unique strengths and resources which you may have lost sight of.